P4P Excellent condition. Very well maintained. Perfect for new Drone Biz or Hobby

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  • Posted on: 08/13/23
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$985 (USD) Open to offers!

  • DJI Logo Brand: DJI
  • Model Icon Model: Phantom 4 PRO/ADVANCED
  • Condition Icon Condition: Used
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DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I am selling both of my P4Ps, Batts, Controllers, Crystal Sky's, P4P Backpack (Ulimax), and Hardside Luggage Case. As a package or individually. A lot better pricing as a package. So each drone has a a set of batts controller etc.

Each drone had all updated software, calibrations, recent inspections and maintenance. Ready for flight depending on how far away you are. Each drone has been flight tested to -15 degrees F. With conditions. Both flew very well with safe 25 min flights at those temps. They have been flight tested to 105 degrees F as well even though DJI says not recommended each drone flew excellently with proper pre and post flight checks.

Also included are 3 year old batts. Only good for 15 -20 min safe flights so they are factored in at $60.00 each. Well maintained and stored. Tested and reliable. Just not in new condition. No damage history to any equipment Perfect way to start a UAS business on limited budget.

Willing to ship if offered my asking price, or as arranged.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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