2022 Lucid Sherpa drone for soft washing windows and roofs

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  • Posted on: 02/16/24
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$30,000 (USD)

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2022 Lucid Sherpa Drone

Easy to fly Hexacopter
Enhanced GPS capabilities
Obstacle sensing
FPV Camera 1080p
Clean all hard to reach exterior facades, roofs, and windows

Drone/ Carrying Case
Lucid Remote Controller (5.5 inch screen)
4 sets of 10000mah tattu batteries/ Charger
1 straight shooter nozzle (6.5-7.5 gpm )
2 sets of spare props
Lucid maintence bag, T-screwdriver, levels for drone calibration

Propulsion System  
Motors  6 
Stator Size 70mm  
KV 180kv  
Max Thrust 12kg/rotor  
Max Power 3500W/rotor  
Weight 720g  
Waterproof Rating IPX7  
Max Working Current 80A  (Continuous)   Max Working Voltage 52.2V  Foldable 

Spraying System
Inlet Connection Material 304 Stainless  
Inlet Connection Type 3/4" Male Cam and Groove Fitting  
Max Rated Pressure 1000psi
Plumbing Material 304 Stainless  
Nozzle Tip Type Assassin 0 degree #50  
Nozzle Tip Flow Rate 6.5 - 7.5 gpm  
Max Nozzle Assembly Length 18"  

Collision Prevention System  
Type RADAR  
Model USD1
Obstacle Sensing Range
Obstacle sensing range: 0.5-50m  
Field Of View 43x30  IP Rating IP67

FOV 120 degree  
Resolution 1920x1200  
Resolution 1080p  
Video Transmission Digital    
Flight Parameters  
Flight Controller Operating Frequency 2.400-2.483GHZ  
Total Weight (Excluding battery) 21 lbs  
Max Takeoff Weight 55 lbs  
Max Thrust-Weight Ratio 2.88  
Velocity accuracy 0.05 m/s  
Battery Gens Tattu 10000 mah 12s (2x)  
Max Operating Speed 20 mph  
Max Wind Resistance 18 mph  
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 2000 m  
Recommended Operating 0 to 40 degrees celcius  
Model SIYI MK15
Screen 5.5inch  
Screen Type LCD  
Battery Life 8h  
Built-in Battery 12000mah  
Max Transmission Distance 15KM  
Operating System Android  
Charging Method USB-C    
Battery Charger
Model TAA1200 
Input Voltage 110-120V  
Output Voltage and Current 4~25.2V, 0~38A  
Operating Temperature 5~+40 degrees celsius
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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