Frequently Asked Questions

I just paid for a Featured Ad, why am I not seeing it on the home page or featured section?

This could be due to one of two reasons:

1. The ad has not gone through our moderation process quite yet (remember, this can take up to 24 hours although typically it is much shorter).
2. Depending on the number of ads that are currently featured, you may not immediately see your ad on the DroneTrader home page. If there are a high volume of featured ads simply click on the DroneTrader logo in the top left corner of the page and the system will cycle through all the currently featured ads. 

Why am I not seeing any ads on the site?

This is typically due to aggressive ad blockers that block DroneTrader listings from appearing. If you have a blank screen when you are viewing DroneTrader be sure to turn off any ad blocking software that you have installed on your computer.

What is is a free drone classifieds listing service for the USA and Canada. We provide an organized, searchable listing service for you to sell or buy used, customer, specialty, broken and refurbished drones and UAVs.

I am not seeing any ads on the site after I log in, what do I do?

This is typically due to an aggressive ad blocking software restricting ads from being displayed. We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser and be sure to turn off ad blocking software when browsing the DroneTrader site.

My email verification link does not seem to work, what do I do?

Every now and again we have a customer that encounters the issue of not being able to verify their email address using the automated email verification system.

Please reach out to us at or via our live chat window (bottom right of the screen) and we'll be able to help you manually verify your account!

How do I delete my ad from DroneTrader?

1. Click on your profile photo at the top of the page (the one right beside the "Post Ad" button)

2. Click on "My Ads"

3. Next, click on the 3 vertical dots that are located on the right hand side of the ad you would like to delete (see screenshot below)

4. Select "Delete Ad" and if you are sure you want to remove the ad click on the Delete Confirmation box. This can not be un-done. 

Does have a companion App?

Yes! We've built an app that makes it even easier to post ads from a mobile device, streamlines how you message buyers and sellers and allows you to quickly save your favorite ads for future reference!

Download the iOS App here:

Download the Android App here: **Android coming soon!**

Screenshots of DroneTrader App

I just followed the steps to generate an ad, why am I not seeing it on the site?

All of our ads are moderated prior to going live on the site. 

With the rampant spamming that seems to plague many classifieds sites, we feel it is very important to screen the ads that are posted in an attempt to ensure a great user experience. 

We may not be able to catch everything, but work hard at keeping ads relevant and spam free. Ads are typically approved within the hour but may take up to 24 hours to go live on our site.

If you ad has not appeared on the site please reach email  or reach out via Facebook messenger.

Does DroneTrader offer buyer or seller protection?

At this time DroneTrader is strictly a classifieds listing service for used drones and accessories. 

We are not transactional at this time (meaning we do not accept or arrange payments between buyers and sellers) and all communication is done directly between the buyers and sellers. 

Offering payment protection is something we are working on but do not expect to have this ready until later this year.

Do you sell drones?

No, we do not sell drones, but only provide a free listing service for your used drones or drone related services. If you would like to purchase a new drone, please visit the drone shop directory listed here.

There is a category or feature I would like added, who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or feedback. Alternatively you can reach us via messenger on our Facebook page

We occasionally even send over Amazon gift cards as a thank you to those of you that offer suggestions on how to improve our site! 

What is a verified seller?

A DroneTrader verified seller is a seller who has an excellent track record of selling used equipment. Alternatively, it may be an established UAV (drone) vendor with a retail location or established online presence. Please contact for further details.

How do I find out about feature releases, site updates DroneTrader news and more?

Simply sign up to our DroneTrader newsletter list and be kept up to date regarding new feature releases, most popular listings and much more (don't worry, you can easily unsubscribe at any time!)

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Can I list broken drones on DroneTrader?

Absolutely, we welcome it! 

Just be sure to mention what kind of damage your drone has (eg. Water damage, cosmetic damage only, crash damage etc) and be sure to give an accurate representation of the condition of your drone. There are lots of buyers in the DroneTrader network looking to pick up broken drones for parts or salvage

What is required when posting an ad to

Although it is free to post an ad on DroneTrader, we do moderate our ads to ensure a good user experience. 

Here are some things we require in order for a moderator to approve an ad on

1. Upload at least one clear photo. 5-10 photos is preferrable. Ads with poor quality photos will not be approved.

2. Describe your item in detail. Be sure to include if there is any damage to the drone, and think of including things like flight time, accessories that are included, warranty remaining, etc. The more pertinent details you include in your listing the more likely that buyers will trust your listing and contact you.

3.  If your listing looks "shady", for any reason at all, we will not approve the ad. Please take some time to put together a proper listing that is relevant to buyers who are shopping for used drones. 

4.  Ads with only stock or manufacturer's photos will not be approved. Please include actual photos of the items being sold. 

We LOVE that people are using DroneTrader as a one-stop-shop when looking for used, broken or custom drones, and are working hard to keep ads relevant for our customers. 

Please continue to help us in keeping DroneTrader great! 

(If you have any questions at all please reach us at or via our contact page. Thank you!)

Why was my ad removed from DroneTrader?

This can happen for several reasons:

1. Ads that are inappropriate, irrelevant, or against our Terms and Conditions may be removed from the DroneTrader network.

2. If we receive multiple reports that interested buyers are unable to contact the seller despite repeated attempts we will first reach out to the seller notifying them of the reports. If no reply is received from the seller we will remove the ad from the DroneTrader platform within 7 business days.

How do I edit my ad on DroneTrader?

1. Click on your profile photo at the top of the page (the one right beside the "Post Ad" button)

2. Click on "My Ads"

3. Next, click on the 3 vertical dots that are located on the right hand side of the ad you would like to edit

4. Select "Edit Ad" ad and proceed to edit your listing details. Remember to click "Update" at the bottom of the page once you've completed your edits!

I am looking to sell my used drones (UAVS) and accessories, why should I list on

Local classifieds sites (Craigslist etc) are great, but provide no way of searching or listing specific drone models or series of drones. 

For example, there is no way to search for "Phantom 4 series drones" specifically, and no way to target only specific manufacturers you are interested in purchasing from.

With local classifieds you are forced to wade through anything from car parts, to old couches, to boxes of used clothes. With just drones!

Our goal with DroneTrader is twofold: 

1) To provide the absolute easiest to use and free drone listing and shopping service out there and 

2) To educate new and existing UAV owners about the world of drones (visit our DroneTrader blog here)

Why should I not just put my drone on eBay or my favorite Facebook group?

When selling used equipment it is important to list your items on multiple sites and locations. Facebook groups are great (we have one ourselves!), but they are often private groups and not indexed by Google (so someone Googling "Phantom 4 for sale" will not see a listing that is only posted in a private Facebook group).

Ebay is another great option to sell used equipment, but often buyers are hesitant to purchase used equipment online sight unseen. Ebay and similar sites also take a significant percentage of the sale as commission (DroneTrader listings are free!). To learn more about where to list your used UAV equipment visit

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