Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Full Kit

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  • Posted on: 04/26/21
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$500 (USD)

  • Yuneec Logo Brand: Yuneec
  • Model Icon Model: Typhoon 4K
  • Condition Icon Condition: Used
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This was purchased a few years back brand new and only used a few times. Bought as a full package with all accessories. The whole set up was $1500.00. It is in almost perfect condition and runs like new with no defects other than both the batteries need to be replaced because of dead cells. Before the batteries died, everything functioned properly. Unfortunately I can no show the drone in flight because of the batteries, but can show everything else works as expected. I would ask more, but have lowered the price since the batteries needs to be replace. Replacement batteries can be found online for around $50.00 each. Below are links with the specs and a review.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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