YellowScan Mapper+ LiDAR Sensor

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YellowScan Mapper+

The YellowScan Mapper+ integrates Livox AVIA laser scanner together with high performance GNSS-aided inertial navigation system into a lightweight, standalone and easy-to-use lidar system. With a great point density, this LiDAR sensor allows our LiDAR system to fly easily at 100m AGL with 3 cm accuracy.

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Advanced performance fitted into a compact survey solution

• AGL Altitude: 100 m

• System Precision: 2.5 cm

• System Accuracy: 3 cm

• Weight With Battery: 1.1 kg

Livox Based LiDAR System

YellowScan Mapper+ UAV LiDAR system integrates the Livox AVIA laser scanner with a high-performance GNSS-aided INS. This lightweight, standalone, and easy-to-use lidar system gives accurate and stable results over a wide range of applications.

YellowScan Mapper Plus Key Differentiators
Why Mapper+?

The Mapper features an Applanix INS giving it a fast, stable, and high-accuracy result. It follows the entire Applanix processing workflow to get cm-level results.

CloudStation processing software includes terrain module, strip adjustment, and the colour module for creating high-resolution point-clouds.

Colorize your point cloud using the Camera Module extension

You can now use our very own camera module on the YellowScan Mapper+.

Operating the camera will be as simple as what philosophy indicates: “Just press the Yellow button”. The camera is powered through the Mapper+ and its data is stored on a dedicated SD card.

Connect your Mapper LiDAR system to your DJI Skyport

The YellowScan Mapper+ can be used with the DJI Skyport. The Mapper+ is compatible with the DJI M300…but not only. We have a bunch of customers flying their UAV with our product: multirotor, fixed-wing and helicopter drones.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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