TWO Mavic Pro's, One Zoom, One Hasselblad Smart Controller and MUCH MORE

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  • Posted on: 04/06/22
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$3,750 (USD)

  • DJI Logo Brand: DJI
  • Model Icon Model: Mavic 2
  • Condition Icon Condition: Used
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Two Mavic Pro's, one Zoom, one Hasselblad. Smart Controller along with both stock controllers. Smatree hard case that holds both drones as well as the smart controller. Polar Pro filters never used other than the one pictured on the drone. There's just too much to list. Every cord, whether it be for I-Pad or android. Even brand new white Firehouse strobes, never left their boxes. A Skytreat I-pad holder. Backpack as well as the original Fly More bag, with the original tags. More adapters and cords than anyone could possibly use. I retired two years ago and wanted to fly drones. Unfortunately i lost both my sisters back to back and found all this brand new equipment just sitting in the hardcase going to waste. Ill bet there isn't 5 hours on the Hasselblad drone. Everything was bought the summer before last, I flew very little then lost my family and here I am simply selling everything. I can assure you there's not a scratch on anything. Its as new as when things were taken out of boxes. Frankly that's about as far as I got before spending months on end in hospitals. Gosh, I've even got all the original boxes. I would guess the software will need updating which thinking back was very easy with the smart controller. And there is no bulging what so ever with regard to batteries. Most of which may have merely several charges. There is six batteries total. I went all in, probably have five plus thousand here. I took pictures of everything however could only upload 20, I think I have about 50 pictures. I know I will not be using any of this any longer, perhaps I just got carried away. Am sacrificing everything for $3,750.00 I am on Cape Cod, I have no idea how to ship everything and have not included that in the price. However I'm sure it can be arranged. I have been asked to break things up, please don't ask. I wont break up this package. I'm too old to be running around to post offices and UPS. Therefore its all or nothing. I'm not sure if I am supposed to put my email address, however its autobizpro at gmail. Hope I don't get in trouble for that. Someone is going to end up with one heck of a package.
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