Tactic AIR Drone

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  • Posted on: 04/17/22
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This amazing new drone has you covered on all these bases and more.

Competition on social media is growing by the day and the need and desire to innovate with new and better-quality content is growing with it.

Whether you make travel vlogs, do extreme photography, or even run a business, making your social media pop is more important than ever.

The top players have already adopted drones for their ability to generate impressive videos and photos from the air, investing thousands into these revolutionary but expensive pieces of technology with great results.

For years, only the already rich and successful could afford this luxury, flexing their big brand drones, taking fancy pan videos, and poolside selfies.

But with this new drone, the bar for entry has finally dropped so low that anyone can do it, with a brand-new device that delivers.
Tactic Air Drone features a sleek design and powerful engines for agility in the air.

This remote control drone is easy to operate, with one button to take off, one to descend, and another to come to a quick stop to prevent collisions or avoid obstacles.

Pilot with the controller or take command on your mobile phone with Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you need the drone to lead its own way, the height-setting advanced density pressure sensor will keep your drone in the air.
Cutting edge features on a high-performance quadcopter
Smart Follow Me Mode / Private Photographer
Dual Camera & Picture-in-Picture Display
Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control
Motorized Active 4K Camera
Modular 20 Min Long Fly Time Battery
Optical Flow Positioning
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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