Slinger Alpine 190 Drone/DSLR Backpack

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  • Posted on: 05/31/22
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Slinger Alpine 190 Lightweight Backpack for Camera, Laptop or Drone
Slinger Alpine 190 Lightweight Backpack for Camera, Laptop or Drone
Slinger Alpine 190 Lightweight Backpack for Camera, Laptop or Drone
The Slinger Alpine 190 Camera and Laptop Backpack for DSLR or Drone is the drone or camera imagemaker's backpack that features over 16 robust, adaptable sections and reinforced security way beyond the norm. Plan and purpose, the signature of guided design, is the genius behind the witty comfort backpack. The interior adapts to your needs, 10 moveable dividers, elastic bands to eliminate movement, and numerous smaller compartments for new and creative ways to house your gear. House and transport a pair of R2 eVOLV200 mono-monolights, camera and lenses, or a fitted drone A variety of options are rife to gain access to gear and accessories, including up to a 7" laptop with weather sealing a top priority and a top quick grab and shoot flap to the interior.

Three individual small pouches serve as 'floating' organizers for instant grab and use. Drawstring closures, modular exterior attachment capabilities, clip snap locks, extra connector loops; All of the components say "hit-the-road, Jack", including the loose mesh overlay backside cushions, over the top straps with compartments, water bottle holder, tripod cup, and two zing type straps. Support and wisdom in the familiar backpack, while the Any&All weather [AW] cover protects gear from rain, snow, dust, sand, and water cannon (sort of). The only thing missing from the Slinger Alpine 190 Camera and Laptop Backpack is a wine rack.

Breathable, protectable, journey-able.
Bring it on!-

Key Features
Ideal way to transport and keep safe a 360 camera, and drones for elevated airborne imagery like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom, DJI Osmo+
Packs up 1-2 Pro DSLRs, one with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, PLUS [for example] 3 lenses, Speedlight, eVOLV200s, an XPLOR300 Pro, R2 remotes, chargers, filters, SD cards, cords, and a plethora of flotsam and jetsam for the ride.
Gets you through the hike, the trek, on the way, and when you stay
Safe housing for up to a 8-inch Laptop
Set up the interior 10 dividers as you like
There are so many space options, you are going to need a notebook to keep track of where you put everything
Prepared to weather any and all conditions with instant access wraps
Buffers sensitive body parts from the rigors of lugging and shlepping
More formidable than your worst journey adversarial challenges
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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