SkyRanger R60 - Complete system. Military grade. Like new condition.

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  • Posted on: 05/23/20
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$28,000 (USD) Open to offers!

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Complete SkyRanger R60 military grade UAV system. Bought new in 2016 from the manufacturer. MINT CONDITION. This system is commonly used by police, fire department and disaster relief agencies worldwide, and for industrial inspections and survey use. Camera payload includes Sony DSC-QX30U 30x optical zoom (20 Mpixels) camera, 3-axis gimbal, which is ideal for performing detailed inspections from safe distances (e.g., hydro transmission towers, bridges, wind turbines, or for tactical surveillance). Also includes a FLIR Quark 640 dual lens RGB (15 Mpixel) and longwave IR camera (640x480), 2-axis gimbal. Can be operated (flown) completely by tablet function (Xplore model ix104C6 extreme duty tablet), or with the optional joystick system (which attaches to the tablet). The tablet is loaded with complete global map layer coverage (Bing Maps). Tablet is high resolution 10.5" screen, 118 GB SS drive, 2 USB ports, RGB serial connector, ethernet/LAN port, WiFI enabled, finger print scanner. Tablet can import any PC apps (e.g., Google Earth Pro, Avenza Maps, etc.). Package also includes 6 high capacity LiPo batteries -- generally get 30-40 min. flight time/battery, and a high capacity (air cooled) battery charger which can charge 3 batteries quickly and simultaneously (via household or portable 110 V). 3 custom-fit, super rugged carrying cases for all components included, as well as some additional spare parts (2 carbon fiber propellers, 1 UAV leg with GPS antenna, 2 base station antennas). Fabulous factory technical support from FLIR/Aeryon. This system is super reliable with many fail-safe mechanisms. It is also super rugged, able to operate in inclement weather (fully waterproof, 65 km/hr sustained winds, -30 degree to +50 degrees C). Owner willing to provide some in-person or online training.
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