Phantom 3 advanced upgraded to P3Pro with a DJI 4K camera

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  • Posted on: 03/14/20
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$1,500 (USD)

  • DJI Logo Brand: DJI
  • Model Icon Model: Phantom 3 Pro
  • Condition Icon Condition: Used
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I am selling my DJI Phantom III Advanced. Well, it used to be an advanced until I upgraded it to a 4K camera which turned it into a “Pro.” This sale comes with so many extras, it’s hard to list them all! I am selling this UAV as I recently purchased an upgraded DJI for my business
• A DJI specific padded, hard-shell case specifically for the Phantom platform is included.
• Not one, but 2 Phantom specific batteries are included! These were 150 each! These are not cheapo knock-offs!
• Many, many extra blades, (both carbon and stock plastic) are included
• 2 range extenders for the duel antennas on the controller are included
• A sunshade is included for a 10” iPad
• A DJI specific A/C charger is included
• Removable quick release crash guards are included
• A custom, metal, high performance servo saver is installed
• The original plastic shipping servo savers and camera locks are included
• A D/C DJI specific charger is included
• All new upgraded gyros are included
• This professional level A/C was recently serviced and test-flown by DJI certified technicians here in Colorado
• Many, many spare parts are included!
You can either fly it with your android or iOS phone. Personally, I flew it with a 10” IPad. AN Ipad IS NOT PART OF THIS SALE! This drone is not a toy! You can make $$$ using it. You can’t expect to fly it into trees and rocks and expect it to survive. But if you do, you’ll have plenty of parts to fix it! This middle of the price range drone is super easy to fly! Read the manual, connect YOUR iPad or smart cellphone, charge the batteries, a micro memory card and you are ready to go. You will have to download the DJIGo app in order to communicate with the drone and to see its telemetry. This sale is payable via PayPal ONLY. I am selling all of this for almost half of what I paid initially. The sale price is 1500.00 or best offer. First money- first sold. At this price, this will go pretty fast. This sale is payable via PayPal ONLY. I am selling all of this for almost half of what I paid initially.
But I assure you, it flies like a dream! In fact, I just took it out just now (3-3-2020 @1300hrs.) It flew really well! I took a video that I took to prove how well it flies.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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