Parrot Anifi Thermal Drone Wildlife, Inspections, Public Safety , Has Remote ID.

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$1,900 (USD)

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ey friends. We are selling our Parrot Thermal Drone

Includes 3 batteries, controller, and case.

It had been used by a local fire department for wildfires, the use has been minimal.

It also has remote id built in!

Dual thermal (FLIR 160x120, -10°C to +400°C) and visible (21MP, 4K HDR) imagery
3-axis stabilization, +/-90° camera tilt, digital zoom
Ultra-compact, lightweight (315g) yet robust drone
Easy to use, user-friendly interface (FreeFlight 6 mobile app)
Direct in-app analysis of thermal data
All-in-one solution designed for professionals

DUAL THERMAL AND VISIBLE IMAGERYTWO INTEGRATED SENSORS WORKING IN FULL SYNCHRONIZATION.ANAFI Thermal’s unique camera integrates two high-quality sensors to capture both the invisible and the visible.

A FLIR radiometric sensor for thermal images that reveals extreme temperatures, insulation voids, sources of cold and warm air leaks, signs of moisture damage.

FLIR Lepton 3.5 microbolometer sensor (radiometric)
Sensor resolution: 160x120
Temperature range : -10°C to +140°C (High-gain) or -10°C to 400°C (Low-gain)
Thermal sensitivity: <50mK
Sony sensor specifically designed for visual inspection, RGB data capture for photogrammetry or scouting and reconnaissance.

Sony CMOS sensor 1/2.4'' 21MP
4K HDR video recording capabilities
Adobe DNG/RAW and P-LOG professional formats
A unique camera system specific to ANAFI:

3-axis hybrid stabilization (2-axis mechanical combined with 3-axis electronic)
Controllable tilt: +/-90° (from zenith to nadir views)
Up to x3 digital zoom (in thermal and visible views)
COMPACT & POWERFULOPTIMIZED PERFORMANCES IN AN ULTRA-PORTABLE SOLUTIONANAFI Thermal boasts optimized performances in an ultra-portable design.

Ultra-portable design:

Lightweight (315g only), ultra-compact yet robust carbon-reinforced drone design
Fast and easy to unfold drone for ultra quick set-up
Easy-to-carry solution in its compact shoulder bag which fits smartphones or tablets
All-in-one: everything you need in one solution
Optimized performances:

Up to 26 minutes flight time per Smart Battery (3 smart batteries included)
USB-C on-the-go charging system (compatible with Powerbanks)
Multi-port USB charger to charge all 3 batteries together in 3h30
Perfect stability against winds of up to 50 km/h
Quiet flights
EASY-TO-USEUSER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE TO CAPTURE AND ANALYZE THERMAL AND RGB DATAANAFI Thermal is easy-to-use with the FreeFlight 6 mobile app, available on iOS and Android systems, tablets and smartphones.

Smooth and intuitive flight experience:

Intuitive manual flight with FreeFlight 6 mobile app to perform intricate flights in difficult areas, stress free
Easy dual-use of thermal and visible views in one app, on one screen (switching from one view to another is a just a tap away)
Automated flights for precise RGB and thermal data capture:

Automatic scouting with FlightPlan: autonomous flight made easier (to capture either thermal or RGB images)
Compatible with Pix4Dcapture for optimal automatic RGB data acquisition (appropriate for photogrammetry)
Direct in-app analysis of thermal images:

In-app customized and customizable color palettes:
Absolute: color scale from -10°C to 140°C in high-gain or -10°C to 400°C in low-gain (customizable)
Relative: Automatic color rescaling from the minimum to the maximum temperatures of the scene
Spot: highlights the highest or lowest temperatures of the scene (customizable)
Temperature of each point thanks to the radiometric capability of the FLIR thermal sensor
Min and max temperature of each scene, always on the screen for better awareness of the scene

ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCEUsing a light and easy to implement solution, energy suppliers can identify failures on power lines, or isolate a defective solar panel in just a few minutes.

BUILDING INDUSTRYConstruction professionals can perform building diagnosis, identify thermal losses or insulation voids and collect thermal data. Using a drone is a highly-efficient, cost-effective and safe solution

SECURITY / OPERATION MONITORINGCivil security agents can remotely identify hot spots and decide where to act in priority. After their intervention, they can monitor the scene and decide to keep a team on site. Using 4K or thermal images, searching for people in isolated area is now faster, and does not endanger emergency services agents.

WILDLIFE PROTECTIONEnvironmental protection organization can operate drone from a distance to minimize stress to animals. ANAFI Thermal makes it easy to observe, identify and count species while the pilot remains at a safe distance, even at night.

ANAFI Thermal is also useful to watch over preserved areas and prevent illegal hunting.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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