Large Octocopter for Industrial, Research, or Pro DIY Hobby Use (Open to Offers)

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  • Posted on: 01/22/20
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$1,000 (USD)

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Large, pro-class drone capable of a 12+ lb payload. ESC, Motors and Power Distribution Board are all swappable via 4mm gold connectors. This octocopter is capable of carrying professional grade equipment that smaller drones lack the size and capacity to hold. The Tarot-made chassis can fold the motor arms to have 4 grouped together on opposite halves of the chassis making it easier to transport and stow in a case or vehicle. The included KDE motors are some of the best in the business, with incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer support backing them up.

There are 14 included Propellers, 8 of which are in good condition for flying. I recommend assessing if you should swap out the Propellers for improved flight stability. I would recommend the carbon fiber-based Propellors from KDE (something that wasn't yet on the market when we were operating this drone). Consider the included batteries heavily used. They have been set to a storage-level charge.

Note: a flight controller is not included. I highly recommend a Pixhawk-based unit.

Included in this octocopter bundle:
- Tarot T18 Frame, 1250mm width
- Tarot-brand Canopy
- 8x KDE 4012XF 400Kv Motors
- 8x Hobbywing XRotor 40A ES8
- 8+ reinforced plastic 18” APC brand Propellors
- Parallel Battery Wiring Ready (can be used with one or two batteries)
- Included Batteries: 4000mAh, 5000mAh, & 8000mAh all with Anti-spark connectors

Original packaging for each motor will be included as well. Please reach out to me for any questions regarding this octocopter bundle.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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