HSE-UAV M6E X1 Spray Drone 2.6 Gal Agricultural Drone

  • Tatum, TX 75691 (View Map)
  • Posted on: 10/09/21
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$8,000 (USD)

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Basically brand new. Drone has less that 3 total hours on it. It comes with 8 14,000 mah batteries. 2-10 station charging centers. Purchased 6-replacement blades, 2-motors, extra nozzles, 4-legs and tool kit. Controller uses USB-c connection. Only water has been sprayed through the system for training purposes only. To see flight go to Linkedin and search Wishbone Solutions LLC for flight videos. The X1 will fly with GPS and without making it possible to fly indoors with no GPS signal. Purchased 7/2020 from HSE-UAV. Total purchase price was $18,000
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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