Hexcopter for Industrial, Research, or Pro DIY Hobby Use

$1000.00 (USD)

  • Posted 01/22/20

Medium size, assembled drone with a gimball/accessory attachment rail. The ESC’s were professionally soldered to a power distribution board. The KDE motors are easily swappable via 4mm gold connectors. KDE is a terrific, high-performing motor supplier. This hexcopter and its parts make an excellent foundation for scientific applications such as thermal scanning, mapping, meteorology, etc.

Included Propellers are in below-average condition, but may serve useful for first-time flyers. Included batteries were moderately used and have been placed at a storage-level charge. The Batteries utilize 9mm anti-spark gold connectors. I recommend you assess if you will need to swap out the Propellers and Batteries based on your performance observations and endurance needs.

Note: no flight controller is included. I recommend pairing this drone with a Pixhawk-based flight controller.

- Tarot 680 Frame, 695mm width
- Tarot-brand Canopy
- 6 x KDE 2814XF 775Kv Motors
- 6 x DYS 40A OPTO ESC
- 6+ Storm 1355 Carbon Propellers
- Parallel Battery Wiring Ready
- Included Batteries: 2x Floureon 5200mAh, 1x Bias 5000mAH

Original packaging for the motors and the chassis will be included. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this hexcopter bundle.

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