HALO | Infrared Thermal Aerial UAV System (With ICI 8640P (640 X 512) IR Camera & 30X Zoom Cannon)

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  • Posted on: 01/18/20
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$30,000 (USD)

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Infrared Cameras Incorporated (ICI) HALO UAV System. This system is slightly used (approx. 1 hr. flight time). It comes with ICI 8640P (640 X 512) IR & 30X Zoom Cannon cameras mounted on stabilized gimbal.

This drone is a "Heavy-Lifter" capable of carrying various ICI sensor combinations in a single flight.
.Mirage MWIR Gas IR Camera
.Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer (T.D.L.A.S.) (this is a long-range methane gas (CH4) detector which detects at distances of up to 50 m at as little volume as 1 ppm)
.High-resolution visual camera.

The durable and lightweight carbon fiber construction of the HALO | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System offers the perfect all-in-one portable aerial infrared solution.
Combine multiple cameras / sensors using ICI’s Sensor Control Module. Inter-connectivity makes our UAS capable of high definition visible imaging as well as thermal long wave, short wave, RGB, and optical gas imaging.
Additionally, HALO’s 3-axis Gimbal allows for the collection of spectral data and crisp, clean images from any angle.
A large battery and 8 motors offer extended flight time as well as redundancy to protect your investment.
Its outstanding stability and retractable landing gear makes the HALO UAV System a leading platform for the capture of aerial infrared imaging.
Frame: Carbon Fiber
• Controller: DJI A2
• Data / Video: DJI Lightbridge 2
• Gimbal: Customized
• Quick Release Retractable Landing Gear
• Landing Gear Controller
• Power Distribution Board
• 8 ESC’s
• 4 Motor Mounts with Vibration Isolation System
• 8 T-Motors
• 8 Carbon Fiber Propellers
• Gimbal Vibration Isolation Mount
• Battery Bay & Cover
• HALO Storage Case

I purchased this system from ICI in Beaumont TX. This company is a leader in IR and UAV technologies. Their technical support is unmatched and will be there when you need more than MWIR and 30X Zoom visual applications. Their URL: www.infraredcamerasinc.com

My company provides predictive maintenance services (i.e. IR scanning, Ultrasound detection, Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, Motor Circuit Analysis). I purchased this UAV system in preparation for providing EPA-mandated solutions to Oil & Gas Industry, but ground-based operations (and my family) takes up all my time.
The investment in this particular drone, IR/Visual payload and ancillary equipment is normally over $40,000. I am selling the complete system for $30,000.
Pinpoint Predictive Maintenance Service
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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