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  • Posted on: 02/17/22
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$19,000 (USD)

  • DJI Logo Brand: DJI
  • Model Icon Model: Matrice 200 Series
  • Condition Icon Condition: Used
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X1- M210 v1 and gpc case, with standard case as well, two payload configuration with (RTK And Base station) with RTK ground kit and gpc case. Runs tb50s and 55s
-(Fully serviced at 50hrs and full rebuild at 100hrs) by drone nerds miami, flight ready. (EVERYTHING is brand new, aircraft has no crashes just a retro fit of new parts for the wear and tear components and moving parts). Full kit, like new.

X1- M210 v2 RTK standard case, two payload configuration. Single payload equipment included. Full kit, like new. (No RTK Base station).

X1- FireHouse technology Ground control station 24” monitor upgrade, mini PC and keyboard and stand alone 4hr power supply.

X1- Colorado drone charger TB55/TB50 alternative power source balance speed charging case mobile upgraded unit for P.D
120v- 4 battery charger and remote charger.

X1- Valorous DJI charger regular & speed + discharge (cycling charging system) capable of charging/ decharging and speed balance charge of TB50s & TB55s and remote batteries.

X2- Cendence Remotes
X2- Crystalsky with hoods
X12- TB55s most have a hundred or so cycles
X8- TB50s
Same on the cycles
X10- Cendence & Crystalsky Batteries

X1- x5s raw with extra zoom lens
X1- x4s raw
X1- xt 2.0 updated radio metric cam with ring, currently being cleaned and recertified with DJI.
X2- standard DJI chargers with remote charger stations.
X1- Vehicle organization system
(With cones, fire extinguisher & trauma kit)
X1- wonder shade pro (the apparatus)
Sand bags and grass pins included fast two second set up and break down shade system.

Looking for 18-19K OBO for everything.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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