DJI f550 flamewheel with Extras!!!

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  • Posted on: 10/30/21
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$1,200 (USD) Open to offers!

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Hello everyone. Been sorting through all of my RC gear, and decided to part ways with a few of my things. Looking to move onto something a bit different.

I have a F550 bassed DJI drone. I would prefer to sell as a complete package, however I would be willing to separate parts under the right circumstances.

Here is the list of what is used.

DJI F550 flame wheel chassis.
Very Nice retractable landing gear
Sunnysky 2216 900KV motors
DJI E420 ESC's

Now for the goodies.

Spare parts:
7 DJI E310 Motors
2 Spare APC 10X4.5 props.
3 Spare HQ 10X4.5 props.
MANY spare arms.
Spare top and bottom plates

For a flight controller I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 with Emlid Navio 2 autopilot. Its a little larger than your average pixhawk, but I 3d printed a t piece mount with rubber absorbers. I cannot believe the different in performance of this setup. Once setup, it works the same as any other pixhawk, but more powerful, and VERY accurate. You can connect to it with a computer with wifi, to change programming options, or connect a monitor keyboard and mouse right to it to do whatever you want. There is a ton of information online from Emlid on these. This flight controller setup with the raspberry pi is close to 350.00 alone.

For radio, I have a Taranis plus with LIpo battery, and have the Dragonlink V3 slim UHF system and receiver.

On board video for FPV is a Foxeer FPV camera connected to a minim OSD, going to an aftermarket 2.4ghz transmitter. This in turn is transmitted to a 8 inch readymade RC monitor.

I can say first hand in all the years I've flown drones, that this is EXTREMELY stable, and is an absolute blast to fly. I have modified the landing gear with aluminum machined legs for strength. They fold up completely out of the way so if you do choose to mount a gimbal, with go pro or other camera, they are out of the way. Flying with a 4s 5000mah hard pack, I get about 10 minutes of flight time.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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