Agricultural spray drones TTA M6

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  • Posted on: 04/26/22
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$10,000 (USD) Open to offers!

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Specs (estimated - buyer to confirm all details on purchase)
Payload capacity: ~20L
Spray system: High flow flowjet pump with custom boom optimized for herbicide use. Dispenses full payload in < 6 minutes
Flight controller: PixHawk 2.1 Cube Black w/ dual Here+ RTK GPS
Battery interface: AS150 connector. Accepts dual 22Ah 6s packs or 4x 16Ah 6s packs. (Available also as surplus upon request)
Nominal flight time: 16 minutes fully loaded
Prop diameter: 30", folding
Moderate quantities of spare parts available upon request.
Three drones of this type are available for sale. Discount if you buy the swarm.

Aircraft was originally purchased from for $22k
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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