Aeronavics Skyjib Ti quick release

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  • Posted on: 03/05/23
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$15,500 (USD) Open to offers!

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Aeronavics Skyjib Drone high end comercial reconnaissance and inspection uas.
This drone is for military, inspection, police, reconnaissance, heavy lift situations including but not limited to cinematography, news and advertising. This is the go too drone of Hollywood and NASA has an identical drone in its stable for mission operations. All the equipment is mill spec or better here is the following hardware on the Skyjib herelink hd controller ,blue cube h7, herelink RTK gnss and multi band gps with rtk capability for redundancy, full telemetry and different range options. Come standard with 20km range. Price listed is without gimbal or camera however I will list other Skyjib’s with gimbal and thermal camera options.
Power comes from KDE direct industrial mill spec esc and brushless motors and 21.5 carbon fiber props arranged in coaxial con. I have other drones and can also build
Special case use or any specific task that requires a purpose build unit contact me for more details. This drone is equipped with all mill spec hardware and meets or exceeds ITAR specifications Herelink Hd controller with dual camera inputs, 20 kilometers range more range available at an additional charge.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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