Year End Clearance! Vapor 55 System - (Excellent Cond.) Off Lease – Just Inspected and Serviced by AeroVironment.

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  • Posted on: 11/04/22
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$5,000 (USD)

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Vapor 55 System (Item Code V55-001), including Vapor 55 airframe, Flight Control System, Portable Ground Control Station, semi-rugged, non-touch, Battery Charge Station, Standard Command and Control (C2) Data-link, Battery Charging Station (Item Code 07-001, Vapor 55 ATA Travel/Storage Case (Item Code 07-105), Vapor 55-Main Blade Set (Item Code 08-504) and Tail Blade Set Vapor 55 (Item Code 08-506)
This drone does not come with a Camera/Payload or batteries.
SCG Capital is a National Equipment Lessor.
One of our Fortune 500 customers asked us to lease this Drone. Now that they have completed their project, the equipment has been returned and was fully inspected/serviced by the manufacturer before it was cleared to be sold. The Inspection & Maintenance Report will be made available before purchase.

Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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