Walkera Tali H500, inc gimbal/camera, 2 extra batteries

$1000.00 (USD)

  • Posted 02/01/20

This is an incredible machine. not for the novice beginner. Purchased but never flown, only opened to take pictures and oogle when bought. Includes the Tali H500, the G-3D gimbal with the iLook camera (though it does support fitting the GoPro), controller, and all associated chargers. I purchased two additional batteries which each support about 20 minutes of fly-time, with the idea that between 3 batteries and fast charge times, I'd have almost continuous operations!
I would have liked to have had time to learn to fly this beautiful and powerful hexicopter but life had other plans (kids).
As for shipping, contact me and we can work something out.
Thanks for looking

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