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  • Posted on: 01/04/19
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$750 (USD)

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I wanted to learn about UAVs from the ground up so I built two 450mm birds and flew each of them for 5-10 hours each. I have $1,700 in parts in the APM-based bird and $1,000 in parts in the Naza-based bird. I will sell the pair for a total of $750. I can provide a fully priced bill of materials and wiring documentation for each. Both of them come with a large amount of spare parts to include motors, rotors, spars, etc. Included in the APM kit is a full suite of radios (5.8GHz for video, 915Mhz for telemetry and 433Mhz main controller) for a ground station, a balance charger, a bench power supply so you can work on the bird without having to use the battery, a 16ch Taranis, OSD, 3ch video switch, color Boscam, DVR and other goodies. The APM bird can be flown manually or autonomously using Mission Planner.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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