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*MOTIVATED SELLER - PRICE REDUCED* PrecisionHawk Lancaster Rev 5

$3800.00 (USD)

  • Posted 08/04/18
  • Location: Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Category: Drones & UAVs
  • Condition: New

PrecisionHawk Lancaster Rev 5 UAV – This UAV is new* and has only been flown/tested by PrecisionHawk. We are selling the UAV as we no longer have a purpose for it and have focused on different avenues.
PrecisionHawk Lancaster was listed as one of the best agricultural drones on the market. It’s fully autonomous and contains Artificial Intelligence and inflight diagnostics to enable safe and stable flights while capturing your imagery. It’s the ideal drone for agricultural applications. Simply select your survey area, your sensor, and fly!
The key strengths of the Lancaster Rev 5 UAV is it can be assembled and airborne in minutes; it is versatile by supporting numerous sensors (multispectral, LiDAR, thermal, hyperspectral, etc) and it’s efficient if utilizing PrecisionHawk’s cloud-based processing and analysis platform – Datamapper. Overall it’s an impressive turnkey solution.
It would be best suited to a business looking to expand its current PrecisionHawk fleet or someone looking to service the Ag industry.
• 1 x Lancaster Rev 5
• 1 x visual sensor (RGB)
• 1 x RGNIR sensor
• 4 x LiPo batteries and charger
• 1 x Futaba remote controller and charger
• 2 x 3DR Antenna (comms unit)
• 2 x Pelican cases (UAV and sensors)
• 2 x Wing sets, 3 x props (white and black), 2 x tail fins, tool box and tools.
• Manuals for RC and LiPo Charger
This Lancaster also has the latest firmware.
PrecisionHawk is an industry leader for agricultural drones and data solutions. For more information, please check
Caveat: Since this is a flying device and we don’t know the extent of the potential owner’s flying experience with UAVs, there is a no return policy on this item.
*This UAV was purchased new and has only been flown by PrecisionHawk for testing.

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