Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone 4K HDR camera with thermal image Dual CAM

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  • Posted on: 06/24/21
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$750 (USD)

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PRO THERMAL IMAGING DRONE: Anafi Thermal is the ultra-compact and lightweight thermal imaging solution for drones, efficient and accessible to everyone. Always ready to go, it revolutionizes your work processes and always gets the best out of even the most complex jobs, thanks to the reliability and precision of the controls and the performance of the motors. With 2 cameras: thermal image (-10 ° C to + 400 ° C) and field of view (4K HDR) with 180 ° tilt, 3x zoom and 3 batteries.
2 HIGH PRECISION CAMERAS: Capture the invisible and the visible. The FLIR Radiometric Thermal Imager measures and shows everything you can't see by showing thermal differences in the areas and elements you are flying over: hot spots, cold spots, thermal leaks. The 4K HDR camera with 21 MP Sony visual inspection sensor carefully examines an image section and captures details to illustrate the condition of a structure or a search area.
COMPACT AND POWERFUL: For first aid professions, civil security and inspection, rapid readiness for action is of the utmost importance. Thanks to its unique foldable, ultra compact and light design (only 315 grams!) The Anafi Thermal drone always stays within reach, unfolds and is ready for use in 3 seconds. 26 minutes flight time per Smart Battery (3 batteries) - Wifi connection up to 4 km - Automatic return to the starting point - Individually adjustable geo-barrier - Wind resistance up to 50 km / h.
THERMAL IMAGES AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE: In the FreeFlight 6 app, you can easily switch from an RGB view to a thermal image view or merge the two for a more understandable rendering. The details of the surroundings are visible and colored to make thermal differences and areas of heat loss visible. In a few seconds, you can post photos and videos from your missions. Play the videos and change the settings palette to isolate an element or analyze temperatures.
ADAPTED TO THE NEEDS OF ALL PROFESSIONALS: Anafi Thermal prepares heat balances and an overview of heat losses for the construction industry. For civil security, it can monitor the heat points without endangering personnel. In the energy sector, for example, it can detect a power failure in a high-voltage cable or isolate a defective solar module. Anafi Thermal is also able to approach animals without frightening them as it flies very quietly.

The flight time of the drone is 03:27:23

Scope of delivery see photos:

1x Anafi
3x battery
1x remote control including bracket
3x charging cables
1x charger for charging up to 4 batteries
1x 16GB memory card
1x bag
1x description
1x original packaging
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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