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  • Posted on: 01/18/23
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$20,000 (USD) Open to offers!

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Hello! Thank you for viewing our md4-1000 Drone. We are a construction company based in Charleston; we purchased this equipment in 2019 to fulfill our duties for our surveying department. We recently decided to sell the drone because we are no longer performing LiDAR services.
This information can be confirmed by looking on the products website with all the specs about it. The drone has one damaged piece which you will see in one of the pictures below, it is a chip off the drone body. Other than that, it is in perfect working order and includes all the components presented in the photos which will also include:
- md4-1000 UAV
- mdWaypoint Navigation
- mdLanding Assistant
- md4-1000 Flight Battery/Flight Battery Charger/with a total of 4 batteries with 2 in excellent condition
- Rugged Carrying Case
- mdRC 2.4 GHx with Universal Tablet Mount
- mdDDl Digital Data Link
- Sick LD-MRS LiDAR integrated with APX-15 DG and 5mp camera
- GNSS Antenna and Cables for APX-15
- mdCockpit Tablet
- Sony rx1rii Cybershot Camera (Not included)
- Nadar Mount for Camera
- Trigger Cables for Camera
- Direct Geo-Reference
- 32 Gig Sand Disk (Memory Storage - SD Card)
- Remote Control
- 9V Bypass
- Extra Charger
- (2) H Switches
- (2) E Switches
- (2) Random Switches
- (2) Payload Connection Cables
- Samsung Tab A (Computer Tablet)
- (2) MDRFID Keys
- (6) Arm Lock Pins
- (4) Arm Lock Pin Covers
- Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station with 4 battery cells

Batteries have to be picked up, they cannot be shipped.

Link to Microdrone Website:
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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