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  • Posted on: 07/16/20
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$11,900 (USD) Open to offers!

  • DJI Logo Brand: DJI
  • Model Icon Model: Matrice 600 Series
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If it doesn't sell at this price, I have to pull it from DroneTrader - thanks for looking.

You will not find a more complete and customized kit that may be utilized for thermal inspections, photogrammetry, construction and tower inspections, and survey.
This aircraft is like flying a BMW SUV, nimble, powerful, steady and reliable. This is the most stable and robust civilian aircraft that I have flown in my many years of professional UAV experience – hands down. I have flown the M2xx versions and I prefer this aircraft over those for redundancy and smooth flying.

Though the M600Pro has redundancy built-in, this particular aircraft has the addition of the D-RTK kit, when coupled with the included Intelli-G kit (and a compatible camera), will provide for extreme locational accuracy.

This aircraft has never been crashed, hard landed, dropped or otherwise mistreated. It is clean and defect free. The controllers have never been dropped or mistreated, nor do they have any signs of significant wear. One controller is new but has been in the field. The equipment I own is meticulously maintained and clean.

The aircraft was recently partially torn down for a complete maintenance check and no defects were discovered. As a precaution, many screws were replaced and Loctite applied or re-torqued, any item appearing to be worn was replaced, arms were recalibrated (angle) and the aircraft was checked for appropriate CG and overall stability with a focus on anti-vibration.

The Pelican case with GPC foam is custom so as to fit the aircraft in the case WITH the RTK kit installed, allowing for transportation or shipping without the need to disassemble or remove parts. This case was custom built and can utilize OEM GPC foam with minor adjustments. The legs of the aircraft need to be removed for proper fit and stowed along the case side – see picture.

The FLIR camera has been deployed less than six times and each time in perfect weather. It is basically brand new. It has been installed and customized to utilize three channels vs two channels (standard) with the DJI expansion kit. You can customize the channels easily with the FLIR application and the DJI Assistant2 application without any need to disassemble anything.
This is the Duo lens radiometric version with 30Hz refresh rate at 640x512 – the top of the FLIR line.
The 13mm lens is the most compatible with photogrammetry (Pix4D, DroneDeploy) software when using thermal.

The Secraft trays with palm rests and harnesses are designed to pilot the aircraft without the controller spinning or falling away from the pilot, even without hands on the controller. The added palm rests are significantly more comfortable when flying for long periods of time and allow for a smoother pinch method stick control.

The controllers are equipped with CrystalSky mounting kits that allow for CS, iPad or Android tablet use and have been wired (USB, HDMI, Micro USB) with extensions from the back of the controller to underneath of the controller for easy use and ability to change between CS and other pads as well as HDMI extension for external viewing use.

Flight example is a downloadable video here: http://u.pc.cd/wBB

• M600 Pro, one set of batteries and one controller – 5699 Approx 30 flights.
• D-RTK air and ground kit for M600Pro – 4599 if you can find one.
• DJI Hex Charger – 375
• Additional M600 remote – 735
• (1) DJI channel expansion kit – 400
• (6) TB47S batteries – extra set ~1850
• (2) Crystal Sky 7.5 high brightness monitors – 1500 (one NIB)
• (2) Crystal Sky monitor mounting kit – 90 ea / 180
o These may also be utilized with the DJI Cendence transmitter mobile device holder.
• Gremsy T3 V2 with M600Pro aircraft kit - ~1500
• Intelli-G V2 Long Range with D-RTK license and Sony camera kit (NIB not installed) - ~525
o Includes license for RTK GPS, A3 SDK cable, M600 power cable, Sony USB multiport cable, USB mini flash drive, SBUS card.
• UPDATE - Sony A7rii 42MP full frame camera (perfect shape) with two lenses, one for photogrammetry and one for inspections (manual zoom but you could add the zoom wheel and program the DJI expansion kit to control the zoom) and a Pelican style hard case.
• FLIR Duo Pro-R 13mm 640x512 30Hz – 6599
• Pelican brand hard case with GPC foam, custom to fit D-RTK – 990
• Pelican style hard case (New Unused) for FLIR sensor (if removed from gimbal). – 20 (Not shown)
• Pelican style hard case with custom closed cell foam for 12 batteries and minor accessories or cables. Easily hand carried. – 75
• (2) Secraft TX trays with hand rests for the controllers – ~110 ea / 220
• (2) Secraft double harnesses with added pads – 40 ea / 80
• Z30 gimbal, not installed - 200
• RunCam Night Eagle Pro2 FPV camera – 80
• Additional cables – unknown – not cost to you.
iPads shown for demonstration purposes only – NOT included in sale.

I do not intend to part out this package though I will consider requests for removing specific items that do not alter the overall usefulness of the package.

$25600.00 total to purchase new, minus taxes and labor to wire, configure, customize and install specialty items.

$11,900.00 As advertised and open to very reasonable offers.
You pay basic shipping costs (~150-180) and I will pay all insurances (~250) if we cannot meet in person.
If you live in the Northeast, I will drive a reasonable distance from 15601 to meet you for an exchange so that you may avoid the shipping and assuming a non-refundable deposit.

Payments accepted due to per transaction limitations with PayPal.
• Cash
• Wire transfer
• PayPal and cash
• Will consider partial payment with cryptocurrency

The Intelli-G V2 Long Range with RTK license (included) will insert the GPS information from the D-RTK of the aircraft into the metadata of each captured frame from the Sony camera, allowing for very precise frame location and extremely precise photogrammetry products that may be used for surveys.
This is how the D-RTK system with the M210 V2 series operates but at a much higher price than this setup.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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