Lockheed Martin AG Indago

$5000.00 (USD)

  • Posted 04/19/19

Lockheed Martin AG Indago for sale. Excellent condition. Great for long flight duration precision agriculture NDVI data collection or drone operations training. All that is required is a Windows-capable laptop computer to host Virtual Cockpit Software (included).

LM Indago AG with Sentera RGB and Near Infrared sensor w/Hardcase
3 MaxAmps Li-ion Batteries 14.8V 11Ah 163Wh
LM Indago System Battery Charger AC/DC
4 3DR 915MHz Radios with cables and antennas
LM Virtual Cockpit Software
3DR Radio Configuration Software
RDF Long Range Radio (Transmitter & Receiver) (New in the box)
LM Indago Spare Parts Kit
1 vehicle Top Fairing Assy
4 spare prop blades
2 spare motors and arms
4 spare arm hinge assemblies
spare bolts, nuts and prop fasteners
Logitech Gamepad for vehicle manual control
Vehicle operations manual

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