Fotokite Pro + GoPro HERO 4 Black

$1000.00 (USD)

  • Posted 04/20/19

I would like to sell used, swiss, tethered drone called Fotokite Pro with used GoPro 4 HERO black. It was used as an example for promotion of the idea of tethered drones. It has been about 30h in air and it is working fine. It has visable sign of usage as presented on photos.

If you buy, you will get:
1) Tethered drone Fotokite Pro with groundstation and tether (all attached)
2) GoPro HERO 4 Black + charger
3) Fotokite battery
4) Fotokite charger
5) Sun protection for screen
6) 2x additional wings
7) additional engine for drone
8) Harness
9) Original case for Fotokite

*There is no cable which allows drone for 10h+ flight, although it can be easily purchased from Fotokite team*

If you have any question I will gladly answer them via email or phone

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