ELIOS by Flyability Confined Spaces Inspection Drone

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  • Posted on: 09/07/21
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Flyability ELIOS Drone. Used for a handful of inspections, our company is upgrading our inspection drone and no longer needs this ELIOS. This is a collision tolerant drone designed for industrial inspections.

Included in the box:
3 new batteries
1 used battery
2 Battery chargers
Samsung tablet and charger
Controller and charger
Replacement cage segments
Tool box

Details from Flyability
Elios solves the biggest challenges of flying drones indoor in complex and confined spaces or in contact with humans: the risk of collisions and injuries. Privileging tolerance to collisions over the attempt to sense and avoid obstacles, Elios provides the level of reliability that is expected by professionals operating in environments where failure to operate is not an option.

By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environments, Elios prevents the need for workers to enter hazardous places or face dangerous situations.

Elios is deployed and ready to gather visuals within a minute, thereby reducing downtimes. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.

Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. Elios gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.

Elios embeds a full HD camera, a thermal camera, and an on-board LED lighting system with a remotely adjustable intensity. Once you have reached the most inaccessible places, you have all the tools onboard to take the best possible shot in nearly any lighting conditions.

Our customers have been very happy with the details we can provide them with this drone and it has saved them thousands of dollars and created a safer environment by keeping workers out of the danger zone. Training and further details can be found on Flyability's website: https://www.flyability.com/elios/
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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