Documentary Movie Video Production Drone for Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7 or better with Independent Gimbal remote control

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  • Posted on: 12/02/19
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$4,990 (USD)

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This Drone is was built 3 years ago for a specific task, hi quality 4K video TO MEET THE STANDARDS for documentaries and movies. It is configured for use with a Panasonic GH4, and a Sony A7, can be adapted for next gen cameras on the same segment.

You can set specific color profiles, and operate in full manual mode.

The Panasonic and the Sony are available, but are not included in the offer, here. We’ll sell at market used price, all in optimal condition.

The 4HSE Drone can operate in several different types of weather, from very still and clear days, to cloudy and up to 25 knots of wind. All altitudes. Sea levels as well at 10,000 feet. Turbulence, gusts, downdrafts all requires power and high responsiveness and a very stable gimbal. Check some of the video we shoot at


You will also need to be trained on some features, it will require at least half day, two operators, and you will need to come on site, please contact +1 (352) 630-9345 to know more.

Main technical sheet:

Redundant avionics, double sensors and double electronics
Automatic release parachute for additional safety
4 powerful engines for operating at high elevations and strong winds
Up to 2.5 kg / 5 lbs payload
Maximum stability and 360° remote controlled Gimbal
Configured for the use of Sony A7R and Panasonic GH4
70 x 70 cm / 27 x 27 in overall dimensions
HDMI Transmitter on drone / receiver on gimbal remote control's display
Gimbal motion sensitivity regulator on remote control
Retractable undercarriege for 360° free view
Manual mode, GPS mode with holding point, navigation and return home

Operating in different lighting conditions, beside experience, requires high quality cameras for both still photography and 4K video.

Panasonic Gh4 (available but not included in price)

4k resolution video
Cine-D Cine-V profiles for best depth and postproduction color correction
Noise and graining absence at very low light conditions
Manual settings for better exposure and white balance consistency
Relatively light weight for longer flights
Standard in professional video production

Sony alpha 7r (available but not included in price)

36 mpx resolution
Extreme quality Zeiss lense for stunning detail, color fidelity and image contrast
Hi sensitivity for low light conditions

Brushless Gimbal (included in the price)

Extremely stable and smooth in any wind or turbulence conditions
Absence of vibrations
360° view
Independent from flight controls, operated by its own remote
Variable speed and sensitivity

Package comes with 50Amps power unit for fast 2 battery charge Reaktor channels.
Remotes and Camera Monitor relay on both remotes.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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