DJI Spark Flymore Pack (SIX Batteries plus extras)


  • Posted 11/08/18

I'm selling a DJI Spark (FlyMore pack) plus a load of accessories including SIX batteries.

I bought this in December last year. This is the model that comes with the remote control and bags etc.

On top of the actual items, I am also including extra batteries so you will get SIX instead of the two that come in the box (They cost $50 each - all original units, so you're getting $200 worth of batteries), as well as four light filters (unopened - $70 new) which can be clipped onto the lens to give a cinematic look and feel when shooting at dawn and dusk or in the harsh sunlight. There is also an adapter so that you can connect the memory card directly into an iPhone or iPad to import the footage you shoot.

(The extra batteries are definitely worth it. Each battery has a fly time of about 12 mins, so having six gives you a LOT of flying time if filming)

This Drone is in greatcondition. As you can see, it's pretty much immaculate. It's been used a handful of times in the time I've had it (I bought it for a particular event I wanted to get some footage of and it has since spent a lot of time in the box). I think I've taken it on six trips. Certainly, it's gone months at a time without being touched.

There is a sticker on the top at the moment (pictured) with my phone number and the FAA registration number in case I lost it mid-flight, but that will be removed prior to sending.

I've had absolutely no issues with it - it's a great piece of kit. It's just wasting space in the cupboard, unfortunately.

It is still within the year's warranty and I also purchased extra cover via DJI when I bought it in case of problems. That runs to mid-December.

Please reach out with any questions.

  • Location: Los Angeles, California 91403
  • Category: Drones & UAVs
  • Condition: Used

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