DJI N3 NAZA 3 Flight Controller FC

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  • Posted on: 12/08/22
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$400 (USD)

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This is a N3 flight controller from DJI. Essentially the A3’s little brother. Uses the same systems such as Lightbridge 2, the Zemuse X series of gimbal cameras and the ronin series, and the SDK. It also works wonders for doing any type of autopilot work where the drone needs to do a mission without a person controlling it. Has a lot more features but you can find those on DJI’s website.

This is a new FC. I bought it for its SDK and when I went to buy a drone kit ended up finding a drone with this flight controller included so I had an extra. It has only been turned on once without being connected to anything to make sure it works.

If you have any questions let me know.

Don’t send a “is this available” if you see it, it is.
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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