DJI Mavic 2 zoom, extra battery, hardcase, replacement accident insurance

$1550.00 (USD)

  • Posted 05/13/19

This is by far the coolest drone I have ever flown. I bought it for my wife and I's honeymoon in march and it was fan-freakin-tastic. The only reason I am considering getting rid of it is that we just moved here to Texas and with that came some unexpected expenses so we are trying to get a little ahead since we just started new jobs and our honeymoon was not a paid vacation time. It is in like-new condition, comes with tons of extras, I have the original box and everything. It's not even two months old yet. The things I didn't put a price next to I can't find a price for. I will consider offers, keep in mind that all this you don't have to pay sales tax on.

Included in package:

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom (everything that comes in original box, chargers, props, one battery etc) $1249+ tax

1 Extra Intelligent flight battery $139

Extra set of low noise props $15

3 SanDisk extreme PLUS cards (32gb, 32gb, 64b) $15, $15, $30

SanDisk computer adapter

Dual batter car charger $18

Battery Safety Bag $11

8 Lens filters $30

Lens Hood

Monitor Hood

Range Extender $10

Landing Pad $15

3 pairs of extra joysticks $18

Shoulder Pack

Carrying Vest

DJI Refresh plan until March 9, 2020 $139 You get up to two replacements if you crash the drone based on their terms and conditions.

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