Custom Fpv drone

$302.00 (USD)

  • Posted 04/29/19

First things first, this is a full setup, it includes, 4 lipos, charger, drone, goggles, and transmitter

Whats in the Copter:
FC: Kakute f7 betaflight OSD
VTX: Atlatl v2
VTX Antenna: Foxeer lolipop 2
ESC: 20A 4in1
Motors: 2300kv
Receiver: FLYSKY FS-I6
Goggles: Eachine ev800
Lipos: 3x 4s 1550mah, 1x 4s 1500mah
Props 3 extra sets.
Also with the goggles is a Mr. Steele earbud for Onboard Audio.
If intrested please call or text me at 720219600seven

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