AG-M8S 2.0 Seed Spreader COMBO UAV (20kg)

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  • Posted on: 04/22/19
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1x AG-M8S (2nd gen) 2-in-1 UAV w/autopilot, tested and ready to fly
1x Handheld Radio Controller with spoken alerts
1x GPS Enabled Flight Control System with redundancy
1x WiFi/Data Communication Module
1x Ground Station Device & Software

1x LED Navigation Lights
1x Granule Seed Spreading Device (2nd Gen - quick-swap to sprayer, 20kg)
1x Complete Sprayer System (booms, tank, pump, nozzles 1x Transport case

1x Assembly tools
1x Operator's e-manual
2 Battery: 16,000 mAh (standard)
16,000mAh 22.2V 15C 6S1P LiPo Battery
3 Battery Bag: LiPo Safe Battery Bag (1ea)
1x LiPo Battery Safe Bag (16,000 mAh and smaller)
Battery Charging System: Dual Output Charger, includes 24 V Power Supply
1x Battery Charging System, includes high power dual output charger and 24 V power supply.

AG-V8A+ Spare Parts Kit, Mechanical (Basic)
SKU : .ags.v8a+.mech_basic each 2x Propeller Sets; folding (1x CW, 1x CCW carbon fiber, per set)
1x Arm Joint Assembly (35mm)
1x Arm Joint Jacket (35mm)
1x Main Arm (35mm)
.c.AgPro.1 1

1x HD Digital Camera with on-board recording 1x Rechargeable Battery
1x USB Cable
1x Adjustable Mount
1x FPV Video Screen for RC Controller Cables & Connectors
Model details and specifications are coming soon!