5" iFlight FPV Drone (Complete Kit)

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  • Posted on: 07/09/21
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$780 (USD) Open to offers!

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Selling my drone setup because I don’t use it as often as I thought. Flown about 10 times, never crashed hard (just disarmed a few feet above ground when learning to fly). Looking to get into cinematography drones instead of this race-style FPV. Great little drone though and a blast! Looking to sell in the U.S. Buyer pays shipping.

Build list:
-Sky02C Goggles
-X-Lite S + 18500 batts (set up to be Mode 2)
-iFlight XL5 V4
-RunCam Phoenix 2
-Extra Motor Nuts
-4 iFlight Xing-E 2306 2750Kv
-Antenna Tubes
-1 Zip Tie (150x3mm) 50 Pack (some used)
-Rush FPV Tank Ultimate 30x30 VTX
-Diatone Mamba F405 Mk2 F40 Mk2 3-6S 30x30 stack
-XM+ Receiver
-3 Tattu R-Line 4S 1300mAh LiHV
-DAL Cyclone T5040C Pro Props
-5 12AWG XT60 Pigtail
-Foxeer Lollipop (2pc) 5.8G 2.5dBi
-Right Angle SMA Adapter
-Tattu R-Line 4S 1800mAh Version 3
-RDQ 9 Pc Toolkit - NEW
-Menace Patch Antenna
-LiPo charger
-Cell checker
-Extra Turnigy 9XR Radio
-Misc parts

Items needed to complete set:
-60W 15V power supply cord for LiPo charger
-Soldering station for maintenance (if desired)
Model details and specifications are coming soon!


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